Foreclosure Prevention

No one is ever prepared for hardship. In today’s unprecedented times, most banks and lenders want to work with you when faced with financial difficulties. If you are behind on your mortgage payment you have options that allow you to keep your home or sell your home at fair market value.

Keeping Your Home

If you qualify and want to keep your home, the following options are available:

If you to want to sell or if you don’t qualify to keep your home

If it is in your best interest to sell your home, consider one of these options:

*Before choosing which solution is best for you, we suggest that you speak with an attorney and/or a financial specialist to understand the tax implication and bearing this may have on your credit*


If you have any questions or suspicions about offers you receive, call a HUD housing counselor (800-569-4287) 

Work With Chad

Chad knows that investors, buyers, and sellers all want their transactions to go smoothly. With his business acumen and real estate savvy, he’s able to make the process seamless for clients.

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