Home Sweet Unsold Home

Home Sweet Unsold Home

So, the market has changed and your home is sitting on the market longer than you would like. Sound familiar? Well, before I regale you with tales from when I first started out as a broker and 4-6 month marketing times were the norm, let's have a look at why your home might not be selling:


1) Too Much Curb Appeal? Yes, it's possible, but hard to imagine here in Texas. However, if your home is getting overgrown with "natural" Texas growth (weeds), that might create a problem for you. I know this heat is ridiculous, but first appearances do mean a lot in real estate. If the Amazon delivery man can't make it to your front door without crunching on some dead grass, getting a million burrs in his socks, or scaring the local wildlife that have taken up refuge in your front yard, you might want to consider getting some lawn work done. Don't worry; I've got some great referrals to hand out if that is the case.

2) Your Price. I'm sorry, but your home can be marketed to death (and it probably is), but if it is not at the right price, the likelihood of it selling decreases drastically. I just had a conversation with a seller today who wanted to make sure that their new agent could market their home effectively. No problem, right? I've got that down! Well, it turns out that the home was overpriced, and they have churned through FSBO and 3 other brokers before coming to me. Not once had their price been dropped. This is a new market, unfortunately, and we all need to be realistic with it.

3) The "Not-So-Open" Concept: Yeah, I get it. Open spaces allow for more creativity. However, your unique open concept kitchen-dining room-pantry-laundry-bathroom space? Probably not so enticing. Buyers seem to value walls and functional space more than any avant-garde design. Who wants to eat dinner next to the washing machine anyways?

4) Haunted House Vibes: Just stop painting your house gray. Just stop. Who knew that painting your house an eerie shade of "Ghostly Gray" wasn't exactly the ticket to lure in potential buyers? Well, everybody. You're not channeling some serious Victorian spiritual elegance. The only spirits that will be interested are those with ectoplasm and chains.

5) The Gnomes Revolution: Just get rid of them. And the flamingos as well. And the bird baths. And the strange lawn art that you think is so funny but nobody else "gets". In fact, if it is not a plant or grass that is supposed to be there (see item #1), get rid of it. Move those gnomes, and other items, to a storage facility where they can stay out of the sun that is apparently trying to kill everybody here.

So, there you have it, folks! The reasons your home is not selling. If it seems that your home has transformed into the Picasso of real estate, breaking all the rules of physics and defying logic, give me a call. We can sit down and actually find out why your home is not selling. Maybe it is not the right time for you to sell. Maybe you have the wrong strategy. Maybe you aren't priced right. Whatever it is, I can help you find it and help your home find a new loving owner to welcome into it. Remember, the journey of selling a home might be filled with unexpected twists, but it will at least give you some great stories to share at the next housewarming party!

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